Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day of Exhiliration

I realize this won't be as 'exhilirating' to you as it was to me; but, that doesn't matter...a miracle occurred for me today, and when it did, I wanted to kind of dance and celebrate right down the eye doctor's office hall. But, I simply smiled, stayed calm, and thought to myself as I looked at my doctor, "You have no idea that what we just did was a first, and a miracle." It was so effortless. About five years ago, I went for my first exam for prescription reading glasses. Two years before that, I was fine with Costco's three-in-one-pack; but, it was obvious my eyes were weakening, and needed to have them checked out. Ever since, I've had annual eye examinations. So, I had my annual visit this summer (July '09), and decided I would like to try contact lenses instead of having to wear glasses all the time. Today was my one-week visit to see how I was faring with contacts. My doctor had me put my face into the slit lamp, and to look through the lens scope. He would be looking from the other end with a flashlight-like scope. Miracle #1 - I didn't even think, "I won't be able to understand him through all of this equipment. I can't read his lips." Didn't even cross my mind. Miracle #2 - I heard him say, "Can you read the letters on the wall?" I read them allowed. Miracle #3 - "I'm going to look inside your eye. Look at my earlobe. Now look up. Look down. Look straight at my earlobe again." He moved away and said, "Perfect. Your eyes look very healthy, and the strength seems perfect for you. I think we'll stick with what we have." This is when I was smiling and thinking..."Oh my goodness! You don't even know what just occurred. It's even greater than getting contact lenses. I heard you perfectly. I heard, obeyed, and my ears work." I went into the lobby where my husband was waiting for me, and it was THEN that I began talking with my emotion of exhiliration. He would understand. "Randy," I said, "I was in the room, and for the first time I never had to have the doctor move away from the equipment in order to explain to me that he would want me to look at his earlobe...then he'd examine...he'd have to move away again and tell me to look up...then he'd examine...he'd move away again and tell me to look down...then he'd examine. Then he would do the same with the other eye." I heard every single word he said.