Monday, January 24, 2011

Things I Know I Missed

     Audrey - 2 years old
While visiting my granddaughters recently, I became aware of precious moments I most definitely missed when my own three children were toddlers and learning to talk.

 Eleanor - 4 months old

I know I caught many things my children said, because I was always conscientious about keeping an observant eye out in case they were saying something, or to simply try and be aware of my family's tone and demeanor. I wanted everyone to be respectful toward others, love their family, and to enjoy life.

But, when I was with my grandchildren, I noticed something that I don't remember happening with my own children. Things they say and do when I was unable to read their lips -- when driving, cooking, or putting on makeup. With my Cochlear Implant, I picked up on new experiences, and it was then that I knew that no matter how hard I had tried to keep up as a deaf mom, it would have been impossible to catch every precious moment.

 On my visit--> I was driving, and my mother was giving the directions of where to go, and which streets to take.  Audrey, 2, was in the back, in her car seat, repeating every word my mother stated. To me, Audrey's mimics were like a rare and precious Mynah bird who had somehow flown into our car...only, she would end every phrase with, "Grandma". "Turn left, Grandma". "Now go straight, Grandma". "Go all the way up to the end, Grandma, and park". "We're here, Grandma!"   Then her legs would move excitedly as if she couldn't wait for the ignition to be turned off, for me to get out, close my door, and to then let her out of her constrained car seat--> for she had clearly been the one who had brought us to our destination...and we are now HERE!

Such repetitive talk of one so little and sweet is not annoying. I don't care what anyone says. The hearing of words, then repeating them, and then choosing to add the endearing term "Grandma"...ahhhh, there was no more beautiful voice, no more precious song than that of Audrey's that evening.

I most certainly missed moments like those when my children were two years old. Most definitely, certainly, yes. But, at least I now know they were like that, too.

My Three Children 
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