Friday, May 21, 2010

What was that?

I don't like hearing things without knowing where the sound is coming from, nor being able to recognize said sound...especially when I feel it needs be to looked into. For example: I was home alone, windows open and bright, going my merry way through the house until I heard something fall then crackle. I don't know the direction in which sound comes; so, I have no idea where to look to check on things. I looked through each room of the house, all-the-while thinking perhaps there's a strange burglar in my house, and I should be toting a baseball bat, then telling myself how ridiculous that is, all while I'm trying to locate the problem. After finding absolutely nothing that backs up what I heard, I begin to wonder if I heard it correctly. "What else could sound like something fell, and then crackled like breaking glass?" And I begin to consider a picture falling down, or a dish, or perhaps it was outside...maybe I was wrong, and it wasn't glass, maybe it was a tree splitting in two, and fell on the patio furniture..." and this goes on until you realize you cannot continue to guess; it's too exhausting. And such was about 10 minutes of my life this otherwise beautiful morning.