Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hearing Through A Cochlear Implant

Want to see what it's like to hear through a Cochlear Implant? Click the "Cochlear Simulation" link above, then scroll to the "Sine-wave Simulations" box.

The links under "Processed Speech" reveal what sentences sound like with an implant.
The links under "Original Speech" reveal what the sentences sound like with normal hearing.

The various channel levels of clarity depend on many factors within each hearing-impaired patient...widely depending on the number of surviving ganglion cells. The lower the number of channels, the worse the clarity. I have no surviving cells. The links will cause a sound program to open in order to hear the differences...mine opened via Winamp. No need to "save"...just click "open" in order to hear what it's like. Let me know if you try it!