Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sounds - Likes & Dislikes

Sounds I love: People whistling a tune A cork being popped from a bottle People’s talking voices (well, most everybody’s…some people’s voices are annoying, and unpleasantly surprising) Ocean waves – crashing mightily, moderately, and softly folding Great singers & musicians} – it can’t be too complex…simple, yet magnificent in quality, is the best combination for me so far. A perfect blend of harmony, with each part complimenting the other, is wonderful; but, if it’s a bunch of sound that is difficult to decipher, then it comes across as just that—a big blob of overwhelming, undecipherable sound. The chirps of those little brown birds that make noise early in the mornings (they’re all over the place where I live.) A funky tune when a cell phone rings Someone calling my name, and I hear them :-) My granddaughter’s laugh Orchestras excite me A prayer said out loud Sports!-- a ball that is cleanly hit from a bat; same for a ball from a golf club. The sound of a baseball into a mitt (can you tell I love baseball?). The sound of the “swoosh” when a basketball goes into the hoop (without hitting the rim or backboard). Dirtbikes at a starting gate—oh my gosh—awesome!! Except, I hate the smell of the exhausts. The sound of a clean dive into water (cannonball kerplunks don’t cut it, sorry). Sounds I dislike: Screaming kids (did mine scream??) Blue Jays; my next door neighbor’s two parrots! Whining or babyish-ness from an adult The beeps from everything: ovens, microwaves, car doors/keys, etc., coffee makers, washers, dryers, toaster ovens, cell phones. Really, do we need to be reminded or warned of every little move we make, from every piece of equipment in our lives? It’s complete ridiculousness. Too many sounds at once = very uncomfortable and overwhelming. The blob is coming after me, help!!! I immediately crave my silence.