Friday, July 3, 2009

My Hearing Husband

I’m thankful for my husband, Randy. Our insurance deemed this as an elective surgery…as if I was choosing to get breast implants or something. So, when I felt there was no way we could afford such a surgery (about $120,000), Randy emphatically said that I was having it…no matter the cost. He meant it, too. He has always supported me, and treated me as if I could hear. He always talked to me from other rooms within our house KNOWING there would be no reply. …but, one day, he walked into the house from work, and I was looking downward, addressing and stamping an envelope at a desk. He said, “Hello! I’m going upstairs to take a shower.” I answered, without even realizing it, “Okay!” And it hit me…immediately, with a really big bang kind of hit, “I HEARD him!! I understood every word he said. I didn’t even look at his lips. I heard.” I turned around to see if he had noticed, and he was standing there with his jaw literally dropped, and eyes wide in shock. We couldn’t speak for a while. The implant, the surgery, the new life of hearing was here.